Employee Retension

This one day course provides a strong understanding for how to retain the “best and the brightest” employees and skill sets for your organization. Retention of high level employees adds to productivity, keeps hiring and retraining costs down, and can play an important role in company morale.

About the Course

Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:
• Understand the practical & philosophical foundation for retaining employees
• Learn ways to create a culture that fosters employee loyalty & satisfaction
• Develop a tangible retention plan
• Identify characteristics of the “best & brightest” employees and skills for the organization; why they join, stay & leave, and the benefits of retaining them.
• Develop retention techniques and use tools that go beyond
pay, benefits & recognition programs to create a culture of competency and commitment

Course Outline (1 Full Day)

1. Overview of retention and the keys to retention
2. Why people leave an organization
3. The types of turnover and the costs involved
4. Retention tools and techniques
5. Motivation – what it is it, how can you use it?
6. Multigenerational retention
7. Developing a retention plan