Vantage is Here to Help!

Vantage has worked with dozens of Federal Agencies, Private Companies, and Non-Profit Groups to address a variety of organizational needs. A combination of OTC (Off-the-Shelf) and customized course offerings means Vantage is positioned to meet the exact needs of your organization for a competitive price. No matter the organization or need, Vantage can help with training, coaching, and conducting workshops so your employees and leaders achieve!

The Vantage Clients

Federal Agencies, Bureaus, Offices, and Departments Vantage has worked With

  1. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Human Resources Training Division (enterprise-wide support of the Leaders Academy and Communications Training – 2 different contracts)
  2. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Office of Human Resources (Career Counseling)
  3. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (support Career Fellows program, multiple tasks)
  4. S. Chemical Materials Agency (Career Transition workshops)
  5. S. Chemical Safety Board (Organizational Development)
  6. Department of Labor Training Directorate (training development and delivery)
  7. Department of Labor Career Assistance Center (Career Development and Assistance – onsite)
  8. National Institutes of Health Work Life Center (Career Development and Assistance – onsite)
  9. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (Bureau of Public Debt)
  10. Office of Thrift Savings (Career Assistance)
  11. US Geologic Service (Career Transition Services, Supervisor Development workshops)
  12. Bureau of Reclamation (Organizational Development workshop)
  13. FMCSA (subcontract through EnDyna) (Develop Professional Leadership Development Program)
  14. EPA (subcontract through EnDyna) (Facilitation)
  15. Internal Revenue Service (Career Assistance Centers – onsite work, multiple locations)
  16. Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Committee (Meeting Minutes)
  17. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (Presentation Training)
  18. Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (Executive Coaching)
  19. S. General Accountability Office (Survey Services)
  20. Department of Health and Human Services University (multiple workshops)
  21. President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (support contractor for program evaluation and expansion – multiple tasks)
  22. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Career Transition Service Center (Transition Assistance including multiple workshops at multiple locations)
  23. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention University (Training)
  24. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Retirement Workshops)
  25. Library of Congress (Counseling)
  26. Defense Federal Executive Board (Federal Women’s Program)
  27. S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, Department of Homeland Security (Train-the-Trainer)
  28. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security (Career Transition Service)
  29. Department of Energy, Golden Colorado Field Office (Retirement Workshops)
  30. Mining and Mineral Services (Training on writing Individual Development Plans)
  31. Department of the Interior University Learning and Performance Center (Facilitation Services
  32. Federal Highway Administration Western Resource Center (Training)
  33. Financial Management Service (later combined with the Bureau of Public Debt) (workshops)
  34. General Services Administration (Training for FTS Managers)
  35. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Organizational Develop Consulting: Assessment of Staff and Staff Intervention)
  36. National Park Service (Diversity Awareness)
  37. Smithsonian Institute (Outplacement Services)
  38. S. Naval Hospital Rota, Spain (Consulting Services – developed multiple training products including software and training manuals)
  39. S. Department of Agriculture (Teambuilding)
  40. Food Safety Inspection Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (multiple workshops)

State and Local Organizations and Agencies

  1. State of Utah Oil, Gas, and Mining (Facilitation Services)
  2. Montgomery College (Professional Development workshops)
  3. Montgomery County (recently awarded contract)

Private Sector Organizations

  1. RDI Marketing (Supervisor Development workshops)
  2. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (Managing Priorities Workshops)
  3. The Wardlaw Group (Rumpke)