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Conflict Management

Conflict among employees and work groups is inevitable. This course describes accepted conflict management principles, provides strategies for dealing with conflict, and allows for practice in office-related situations.

About the Course

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Reduce conflict in the workplace.
• Develop personal strategies for dealing with conflict
• Apply skills that model appropriate responses to conflict.
• Recognize conflict-inducing situations, identify root causes,
and solve conflict when it occurs.
• Communicate with team members in a way that facilitates
conflict resolution.

Course Outline

1. Helium Dowel Activity
2. Negative verses Beneficial Conflict
3. Conflict Triggers/Causes of Conflict
4. Exercise: Role-play
5. Emotional Responses to Conflict
6. Coping with Traumatic Events
7. Anger Triggers
8. The Cost of Conflict in the Workplace
9. Conflict Management Assessment
10. Conflict Styles
11. Model of Magnification
12. Exercise: Ground Rules
13. Stress and Conflict Resolution
14. Exercise: Rock, Paper, Scissors
15. Sources of Conflict: Root Cause Analysis and Debrief
16. Exercise: Self Reflection/Assessing Conflict Management Skills
17. Conflict Mediation