Critical Thinking for Problem Solving

Critical Thinking is one of the fundamental skills desired for both managers
and staff of any organization. How do you think? How well do you think?
Effective critical thinking skills include:
• Planning
• Problem solving
• Mission execution
• Personnel recruitment and retention
• Developing strategic communication
• Enhancing the working environment, inter-unit cooperation and the
consequent ability of HHS to recruit and train productive staff
Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:
• Apply enhanced critical thinking skills
• Understand how they think
• Understand critical thinking strategies and tools

About the Course

Course Outline

1. Inference Observation Assessment
2. Understanding the basic elements of effective critical thinking
3. Thinking about thinking
4. Understanding how you think
5. Clear thinking – Communicator vs. Receiver
6. Understanding critical thinking strategy/tools
7. Application Practicum – instructions and questions
8. Defining the problem focus – The Preliminary Stage
9. Execute the problem to solution – The Execution Stage
10. Wrap up