Diversity and Team Effectiveness: When Values Differ

This course will provide a framework for understanding the connection between core beliefs, values, and behaviors that may differ among members of your team. It will offer distinctions among values that are conscious or aspirational, values that are unconscious or embodied, and values that outsiders might suspect as motivators. The course will examine the blend of cultural, environmental, and innate roots of the value-linked behaviors you observe on your team. Participants will practice engaging in conversations about the values behind team members’ behaviors for the purpose of enabling you to manage inclusively while aligning your organization with its core values.

About the Course

Course Outline (1/2 and Full Day available)

1. Team Structures
2. Lifecyle of a Team
3. Five Dysfunctions of a Team
4. Values:
• What’s Valuable about Values?
• Brains, Awareness, and Values
• Value Domains
• Personality Type and Values
• Maturity and Values
• Diversity Clouds Our View of Values
5. Teaming Skills When Values Differ
• Values in the Workplace
• Five Skills You Can Learn
Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:
• Identify the values that you personally aspire to embody and the
values that you intend to guide the organization you lead
• Explain how your values, your team’s values, and your
organization’s values intersect
• Make distinctions among aspirational or conscious values,
unconscious or embodied values, and perceived values
• Notice when you make judgments about team members based on
the values that you perceive to be motivating them
• Distinguish between differences of values and differences of skill,
competence, or judgment
• Reconsider long-held beliefs about differences linked to values
and adopt a stance of curiosity toward your team’s values
• Engage in conversations with team members about the values to
which they aspire
• Demonstrate support for a broader range of values espoused by
your team members (which increases their sense of inclusion)