Effective Leadership

This workshop is designed to enable you to expand your understanding about yourself as a leader and to apply this understanding to enhance your development and skills as a leader in multiple settings. The workshop is designed with practicality in mind, using hands-on exercises throughout.

About the Course

At the completion of this course
participants should understand:
• The distinction between leadership
and management
• The distinction between
transactionaland transformational
• The five practices of exemplary
• Leadership skills
• The various leadership styles
• How to determine your optimum
leadership style
• The nature and role of emotional
intelligencein leadership
• The nature and role of situational
• Specific leadership skills
appropriate to specific situations

Course Outline

1. Leadership Characteristics
2. Leadership Skills and Styles
3. Emotional Intelligence
4. Situational Leadership
5. Leadership Skills Inventory
6. Emotional Intelligence Assessmen
7. Applying Leadership Scenarios o.