Interpersonal Communication

In this course, participants will learn communication skills that are vital for success as a leader/supervisor and team
member. The course will include how to communicate more effectively with subordinates, team members, peers, and
upper management.

About the Course

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• Employ effective communication skills with others at all levels of the organization
• Clearly articulate expectations to team members
• Improve listening skills
• Build positive team communications, and establish/maintain an atmosphere of trust.
• Learn best practices to communicate changes
• Develop the ability to effectively delegate and/or share work.
• Communicate expectations and work objectives to staff.

Course Outline (2 Full Days)

1. Team communication using the LEAP model of active listening
2. Listening hot buttons and listening styles
3. Empathy in communication and empathetic listening
4. Listening styles
5. Communication styles
6. Communication barriers
7. Essential conversations
8. Administer and interpret the DiSC Classic Personal Profile assessment instrument
9. Communicating with staff and teams; communicating with peers and supervisors (collaboration and organizational
10. Delegating work – effective delegation using communication and listening styles
11. Communication breakdowns and communication for results