Leadership Seminar II (Experienced Leaders)

Leadership Seminar II is for experienced leaders who aspire to achieve higher levels of leadership responsibility. The curriculum is focused on preparing participants for senior leadership and executive positions. Leadership Seminar II consists of an introduction and five modules.

About the Advanced Leadership Seminar

Upon completion of this workshop,
participants will be able to:
• Identify areas for growth and
strengthen leadership skills
through self-assessment.
• Exhibit an increased awareness
of leadership and challenges
throughout the organization.
• Discuss what it takes to
grow executive leaders at the
• Complete the Strength
Deployment Inventory (SDI)
and draw conclusions about
your motivational value system,
your conflict sequence, and your
personal strengths.
• Interpret leadership needs at your
• Identify the challenges of
executive leadership.
• Determine the importance of
vision in effective leadership.
• Examine and discuss lessons
learned from successful leaders.

Course Outline

(2 Full Days)
1. Introduction
2. Relationship Awareness & the Strength Deployment Inventory
3. Advanced Leadership Skills
4. Leadership Philosophy and Styles
5. Individual Exercise
6. Panel Discussion