Media Presentation Communication Workshop

In this two-day intensive course participants will have hands on opportunities to respond accurately and effectively to reporter’s questions. Participants will learn about and also be equipped to effectively communicate critical messages.

About the Course

By the end of the class participants will:
• Understand Guidance for Interacting with the Media
• Understand the nature of the contemporary media (print, electronic, and Internet / Social Media)
• Develop familiarity with the skills, tools, and techniques for interacting with the media/reporters
• Become adapt with interview skills to specific media (Print, Electronic, and Internet / Social Media)

Course Outline (2 Full Days)

1. Guidance for working with the Media
2. Understanding the Media
3. Skills, Tools, and Techniques for Interacting with the Media
4. Adapting Interview Skills to the Specific Media
5. Mock Interviews
6. Final Exercise – Press Conference