Motivating Others and Team Performance

Motivation is a critical component of the productivity of organizations, groups, teams, and other working units. This course is designed to provide leaders with the skills and knowledge to create environments in which teams are highly motivated to perform.

About the Course

Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:
• Apply strategies to motivate staff and build a positive team work environment.
• Identify performance motivators and examine appropriate motivational strategies.
• Select appropriate motivational strategies during scenario-based exercises.
• Discuss the role of motivating others as part of the development of high-performing teams.
• Discuss techniques for motivating others in times of change

Course Outline (Full 2-Days)

1. Motivation Defined
2. What Motivates People in their Work Environment?
3. Motivational Theory
4. Understanding How Supervisors Motivate Employees
5. What Do Workers Want from Their Jobs?
6. Motivational Strategies
7. Motivating Others in Times of Change
8. Complete and Interpret the FIRO-B Assessment Instrument
9. The Power of Teams
10. The Five Team Dysfunctions
11. Assessing Your Team
12. Final Team Exercise