Motivating Your Employees

Motivation is a critical component of the productivity of organizations, groups, teams, and other working units. It is also directly related to the retention and productivity of individual employees. Leaders are responsible for motivating and inspiring employees to achieve individual and collective goals and objectives. This Motivating Your Employees workshop is designed to provide leaders with the skills and knowledge to create environments in which people are highly motivated to perform. When leaders are able to properly motivate employees, the path toward developing effective teams becomes much clearer. This course also incorporates a brief discussion of tools and methods to build and sustain effective teams.

About the Course

Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:
• Apply strategies to motivate staff and build a positive work environment.
• Identify performance motivators and examine appropriate motivational strategies.
• Select appropriate motivational strategies during scenario-based exercises.
• Understand the role of motivating others as part of the development of high-performing teams.

Course Outline (1/2 or 1 Full Day)

1. Motivation Defined
2. What Motivates People in their Work Environment?
3. Motivational Theory
4. Understanding How Supervisors Motivate Employees
5. What Do Workers Want from Their Jobs?
6. Motivational Strategies