Performance Management

This course provides a strong foundation in performance management for evaluating staff and applying staff performance standards. During class participants gain expertise through case studies that provide practice creating statement of expectations and rating performance. Attendees will learn the dos and don’ts of performance appraisal discussions, how to recognize good performance and how to give corrective feedback to staff members with performance problems.

About the Course

This course will prepare supervisors to:
• Apply performance management best practices on an ongoing basis to ensure that individual performance complies with mission and goals in order to improve organizational effectiveness.
• Conduct a performance appraisal for each direct report in accordance with organizational standards and deadlines.
• Use the performance management plan to lead each staff member to perform his/her best by using timely, ongoing feedback and coaching in scheduled meetings.

Course Outline (2 Full Days)

1. Performance Management Definition
2. Overview the Performance Appraisal Cycle
3. Performance Management Timeline and Cycle Examination
4. Expectations and Critical Elements Clarification
5. Motivation and Motivational Drivers
6. SMART Performance Goals Creation
7. Performance management discussions – dos and don’ts
8. Feedback Coaching