Presentation Training Course

The advanced presentation course is built around hands-on practice, professional coaching and critique, and tailored
exercises designed to address each participant’s individual needs. As in the Basic course, participants are provided
multiple opportunities to develop and deliver presentations in response to realistic scenarios. Instructors record and
playback each presentation and professionally coach participants on techniques for improvement.

About the Course

Course Outline (2 Full Days)

1. Review of lessons from basic presentation training
2. Advanced Presentation Skills
• What Constitutes Advanced Presentation Skills?
• Structural Strategies (for Organizing Your Presentation)
• Audience Analysis and Adaptation Strategies
• Leveraging Presentation Science and Information Strategies
• Strategies for Presentation Aids
3. Exercise 1: Prepare and Conduct a Group Presentation
4. Exercise 2: Prepare and Conduct an Individual Presentation
5. Final Exercise: Prepare and Conduct a Five to Ten Minute Presentation
*Note, all presentations are videotaped, reviewed during playback, and critiqued