Presentation Training Course

This course is designed to provide employees with the understanding and skills to give effective internal and external
oral presentations. It provides participants with a solid understanding of the science, art, fundamentals, principles, and
experiential insights that contribute to effective presentations. Participants are provided multiple opportunities to develop and deliver presentations in response to realistic scenarios.*

About the Course

By the end of the class participants will:
• Understand communication/presentation fundamentals
• Be able to articulate the three critical components of all presentations
• Have experience developing and delivering prepared speeches
• Be able to organize and deliver impromptu speeches
• Understand presentation organization and designn

Course Outline (3 Full Days)

1. Setting the Stage
2. Understanding and Managing Presentation Anxiety
3. Warm Up Presentation
4. Communication Fundamentals
5. A Review of Briefings, Presentations, and Speeches
6. Exercise: Read a Prepared Speech
7. Presentation Essentials: The Presenter, The Message, the Look
8. Presentation Strategies
9. Exercise: Prepare and Conduct a Three Minute Presentation without Visuals
10. Exercise: Prepare and Conduct a Three to Five Minute Presentation with Visuals
11. Exercise: Prepare and Conduct a Group Presentation
12. Final Exercise: Prepare and Conduct a Five to Ten Minute Presentation
*Note, all presentations are videotaped, reviewed during
playback, and critiqued