Respect in Action: Tactics for Managing Workplace Diversity

This course will introduce frameworks for mapping interpersonal differences on your team and for analyzing the roles you play as a manager in mediating, leveraging, and cultivating those differences. It will also provide some basic tools for managing diversity, and will give you a chance to practice by responding to scenarios drawn from challenging, real-life experiences..

About the Course

Upon completion of this class, you will be able to:
• Identify elements of your everyday role as a
manager that offer opportunity to act in a way that
encourages diversity
• Distinguish between conscious and unconscious bias
• Distinguish between four modes of decision-making
and their implications for teams of people with
different perspectives
• Assess the impact of your typical responses to
workplace situations involving people with different
backgrounds and perspectives
• Select behaviors in appropriate situations that
increase your ability to include people with different
perspectives in the life of the organization
• Identify several components of interpersonal difference
that impact the workplace
• Understand the roles that sincerity, courage,
and humility play in effective cross-cultural
communication, and the limitations of political
• Engage your colleagues in experimenting with new
patterns of inclusive behavior
• Tap into a network of manager peers who can support
you on an ongoing basis as you encounter challenges
involving diversity on your team

Course Outline (1/2 and Full Day Available)

1. Two Ideas, Two Frameworks for Diversity and
2. Noticing Differences
3. Building a Team Difference Inventory
4. Creating a Team Charter
5. Shifting Focus Toward Outcomes
6. Inclusion through the Double Zig Zag
7. 10 Inclusinve Behaviors and Transparent Intentions
Class Size24 participants