Strategic Planning

This workshop is designed to help participants understand strategic planning and the strategic planning process. Topics addressed include the importance of strategic planning to long-term success; definitions of critical terms; considerations and methods for ensuring alignment and buy-in throughout the organization; strategic planning steps; understanding the relationship between vision, mission, goals, and objectives; ideas for developing action plans to accomplish goals and objectives; and methods for monitoring the success of your strategic plan. The most important features of the course are 1) the opportunity for participants to engage in interactive discussion of the various facets of strategic planning; and 2) the time allocated to explore ways to adapt the materials in this course to what works best for their organization and unique situations. Workshop materials include plenty of examples of effective strategic plans.

About the Course

Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:
• Understand the importance of strategic planning to long-term success
• Discuss and apply the strategic planning process
• Analyze the effectiveness of strategic plans
• Develop a draft annotated outline for a strategic plan

Course Outline (1 Full Day)

1. The importance of strategic planning
2. Definitions and key terms
3. Maintaining strategic alignment throughout an organization
4. The strategic planning process
5. The relationship between vision, mission, goals, and objectives
6. Ways to bring your strategic plan to life and keep it fresh
7. Examples and lessons of selected strategic planning efforts