Time Management

This course will help participants increase their productivity, overall time management, and organizational skills. Participants will learn how to set and achieve goals, overcome procrastination, manage time more effectively, reduce stress, and maintain a high level of self-motivation.

About the Course

Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to:
• Understand the central principle behind time management.
• Understand techniques and considerations for managing multiple priorities.
• Identify their respective time management and prioritization strengths and weaknesses.
• Identify effective time management and prioritization techniques.
• Evaluate the impact of communication and technology on time management.
• Develop an action plan to improve time management and prioritization skills.

Course Outline (1 Full Day)

1. Classic time management – setting priorities and applying practices to enhance skills
2. The 80/20 rule
3. Understanding the balance between effectiveness and efficiency
4. Managing multiple priorities – how to focus your energy when dealing with multiple tasks
5. Reflection on current state versus ideal state as related to time management; examining how to best make impactful changes
6. Tips related to: getting organized, achieving work/life balance and finding the balance between the importance of tasks and the energy that can be directed to those tasks
7. Techniques for using electronic tools and resources to help manage time