Vantage and the Wardlaw Group

Vantage-Wardlaw is a strategic partnership formed between Vantage Human Resource Services, Inc. and the Wardlaw Group, Inc., serving public and private sector clients. Vantage’s diverse team includes counselors, coaches, project managers, consultants, trainers, and specialists focused on greatly improving organizational performance and workforce development programs. The Wardlaw Group assists clients in responding to their challenges through expert consulting, training, and facilitation services. The strength of the Wardlaw Group lies in the company’s ability to help clients communicate, lead, and perform more effectively. Both Vantage and the Wardlaw Group are owned by the same team of shareholders. Vantage-Wardlaw helps you face the challenges of today’s business environment by providing world-class service and support solutions to your organization. Our team brings a singularly unique combination of services to ensure your company is prepared to leverage opportunities for business success. Click Below to download a brochure with information on Vantage-Wardlaw

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