Are You Ready to be a Supervisor?


Course Description

This course is intended for individuals who are considering moving into supervisory positions. It is designed to equip participants with a basic understanding of what supervisors do and what is involved in the transition to a supervisory role. Upon completion of this virtual training course, participants will understand what supervisors do, why supervision is important, the role of first-line supervisors, the challenges of transitioning from peer to supervisor, typical tasks performed by supervisors, and the basics of team leadership.

Learning Objectives
  • Define the responsibilities and role of a supervisor.
  • Identify strategies for effectively transitioning into a supervisory capacity.
  • Gain self-awareness of strengths and areas to improve.
  • Apply effective supervisory leadership skills to leading people and leading teams.
Course Details

Course Duration: 6 hours VILT / Equivalent to 1.5 days of classroom training.

Virtual Class Size: Up to 20 participants.

Delivery Method: Course is available in-person and virtually.

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