Independent Consultants

Belinda Collins, Ph.D., Executive & Leadership Coach

As an executive coach, Belinda Collins is committed to creating a confidential, safe place for leaders and executives to explore the challenges they face on a daily basis. She works with them to draw out their ideas, gain insights and create new possibilities for change and transitions, from dealing with difficult people and fiscal challenges to creating new visions and strategic plans for their workplaces. To aid clients in their development, she works with them to create sustainable action plans for change and to hold them accountable for their actions. In this process, clients build on their existing strengths to reinforce growth opportunities. She is excited about working with leaders in both government and non-profits and believes that her experience as a leader from the first-line supervisor through Senior Executive Service with the National Institute of Standards and Technology enables her to connect with, and support leaders who are dealing with the challenges of leadership and help them create new possibilities for themselves and their organizations.

Tracy Burnett, Executive & Leadership Coach

As a senior leader and a member of the Senior Executive Service, G. Tracy Burnett has revitalized investigative offices, directed and coordinated strategy and implemented effective change processes in areas including budget accountability, policy and procedure, training, communication and talent development. Tracy’s successful 25 year career in Federal law enforcement leading investigations on behalf of the U.S. Departments of Justice, State, and Defense, among others, makes him particularly attuned to the challenges of leading in complex, pressure driven situations. His work around the globe (Bolivia, Peru, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, South Korea, Germany) also gives him a critical perspective on the impact of cultural differences in building a unified vision and optimal cooperation within systems. Tracy is also aware of the challenges of simultaneously leading teams while managing expectations at the highest levels, having directed complex, sensitive investigations while working with Ambassadors, Inspectors General, Military Generals, Congressional Staff and the White House, as well as multinational organizations.

Frances Crarey, Ph.D., LSCC Counseling, Coaching and Facilitation

Frances Crarey has served for more than three decades as an organizational and human resource assessor, manager, consultant, facilitator, trainer, counselor, and coach. Currently, she provides facilitation, consultation, counseling, and coaching services to personal clients and corporate, state and federal organizations.

Janet Ruck, Career Coaching

Janet Ruck is a career consultant, author, and trainer with expertise in federal executive and employee development. As a career consultant and trainer for several federal agencies, Janet has assisted employees with resumes, interviews, individual development planning, career transition, and retirement careers. She has successfully coached Senior Executive Service (SES) candidates in writing Executive Core Qualifications. Janet conducts communications and leadership training, and currently holds a position as an adjunct faculty member at a community college where she teaches classes on resume writing (federal and private sector), interviewing, job search and business writing. As the co-author of two federal job search books, she has presented at national conferences and is considered an expert on federal hiring.

Kristan Getsy, Media Training Specialist

Kristan Getsy is the Founder, President, and CEO of Life’s Eyes Media, LLC. She oversees the day-to-day operations, sits in as executive producer and many large-scale video productions and consistently uses her public speaking and media backgrounds to teach individuals how to speak effectively to audiences. In business over for over 10 years and, she has been privileged to teach hundreds of individuals through one-on-one training and multiple workshops. Her experience as an emcee, anchor, reporter, news director and photojournalist with over 12 years of experience working in markets up to #10, Houston. Kristan has covered national and international stories. You may have seen her on CNN, covering Enron, Hurricane Claudette or the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster. She’s interviewed the likes of Bill Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu and Reba McEntire.

Margaret Robinson, Career Coach

Margaret Robinson is a professional career counselor and trainer with a background of providing career counseling and training services to the federal and state governments, educational institutions and private industry facilities. Ms. Robinson has a Masters in mental health and a bachelor’s in psychology. She is a Certified Myers-Briggs practitioner and a Nationally Certified Personnel Psychologist. Her specialties are career counseling and guidance, vocational assessment and workshop training presentations.

Sharon Fountain Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

Sharon Fountain is President of Performance Development Corporation (PDC) a Maryland firm engaged in management training, organization development consulting, professional speaking, and performance coaching internationally. Her major focus is the improvement of individual and organizational performance through increased awareness of the human factors involved, and application of practical “people skills”. Her services are tailored to the specific needs of clients — and use a tools-oriented approach, geared to a “What it means on the firing-line!” hands-on application of concepts and techniques. Ms. Fountain works with individuals as a “Success Coach,” and has designed and conducted more than two thousand comprehensive training programs and organization development interventions for a variety of large and small organizations. Her background in management, sales and marketing is supplemented with over forty years’ experience in the Department of Defense arena.

Wayne Gerber, Leadership Consulting and Training

Wayne is a seasoned professional with over 20 years working with executives, teams and organizations in implementing strategies to bring out their best. He is a consultant, facilitator, trainer, executive coach and author. Wayne has an extensive, multi-faceted background that includes professional experiences in the fields of public health research, broadcast television, market research and organizational development. His approach blends science with human systems technologies into powerful methodologies for leading at the personal and organizational level in both public and private sector organizations. Wayne earned a Masters of Science in Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Psychology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He lives in Greensboro, NC, with his wife Debra, a physical therapist, and has two adult sons. Wayne is an avid landscape photographer and enjoys hiking and travel.

Donna Pearring, PCC, Executive/Leadership Coach, Trainer, & Facilitator

Donna Pearring is an ICF (International Coach Federation) credentialed Professional Coach (PCC level) and facilitator with over 25 years of practical business, managerial, and leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM and Siemens. During Donna’s career in IT/Telecommunications, she gained experience and appreciation for the entire business continuum, to include sales, sales support, systems engineering, systems design, implementation, project management, operations and service. This experience enables Donna to relate to business challenges and can incorporate both real life experience and organization development theory and tools into her coaching and facilitation.

William (Bill) King, Leadership and Supervisory Training

Bill King’s professional background includes for four decades of design, delivery, evaluation, and management of specialized training in leadership and supervisory skills. Focusing on solving specific organizational problems through training interventions, his efforts have concentrated on improving communication within work groups, enhancing team performance, resolving conflict, encouraging empowerment, and improving the effectiveness of specialized work teams. With a strong interest in experiential learning, Bill has developed expertise in designing simulations, group facilitation, and team building. Some of his principal clients have been the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Peace Corps, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Customs Service, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and AMTRAK. Bill served in the U.S. Army as a Special Forces “A” Team commander in Germany and Vietnam.

Barry Coleman, Senior Consultant, Trainer & Content Developer

A collaborative, inclusive, results-oriented Organization Development and Training Professional providing consultation, intervention and change management skills to organizations. Skillful in building transparent, respectful and holistic relationships with clients to uncover root causes of challenges in organizations. Specialties include: Team and Group Facilitation, Executive and Management Coaching, Management and Leadership Development, Talent/Performance Management, Succession Planning, Job Competency Modeling, Diversity and Inclusion Management, and Design/Develop Training Programs.

Carin Gendell, Management Consultant & Coach

Carin Gendell is a business-savvy consultant, facilitator and executive coach with a 20-year track record of helping senior managers and business owners improve organizational results through leadership skills, performance management tools, and organizational strategy, Her clients have included Fortune 500 companies and Federal agencies. Her business acumen developed through 14 years of line-management executive experience at a Fortune 100 consumer products company makes her a uniquely skilled partner for executives facing operational and cultural challenges.

Michael Manion, Leadership and Executive Training