Influence Without Authority


Course Description

If you want to be a successful manager, you must get things done through other people. If you want to be a successful leader however, you must be able to get things done through people over whom you don’t have authority – colleagues, customers, business partners, and senior management. In order to move beyond merely being more productive to becoming a hotbed of creativity, innovation, and invention, being able to influence others is a necessity. This virtual training course will enable you to communicate your ideas in ways that open minds, invite collaboration, and produce meaningful movement toward your mission.

Learning Objectives
  • Help others persuade themselves to act on your ideas.
  • Lead a culture of collaboration that builds a better organization.
Course Details

Course Duration: 3 hours VILT / Equivalent to ½ day of classroom training.

Virtual Class Size: Up to 20 participants.

Delivery Method: Course is available in-person and virtually.

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