Leading Effective Meetings


Course Description

Many people dislike or even dread meetings. However, meetings can be a very effective organizational tool for planning, solving problems, keeping projects and tasks on track, resolving conflict, making good decisions, and keeping team members on the proverbial “same sheet of music.” In Vantage’s virtual course on leading effective meetings, participants learn techniques for planning and conducting effective meetings that accomplish a commonly shared organizational purpose while addressing the varying needs of participants. Topics covered include: leveraging your organization’s core competencies to run effective meetings; key roles and responsibilities in managing meetings; six P’s for effective meetings; critical tasks before, during, and after the meeting; and a review of a variety of tools and best practices for leading effective meetings.

Learning Objectives
  • Explain the benefits and challenges of meetings.
  • Understand the keys to planning and conducting effective meetings.
  • Use best practices to plan meeting details including identifying participants and their specific meeting needs, developing the agenda, determining which materials to use, and working out additional details such as meeting logistics.
  • Build skills in collaboration for internal meetings.
  • Describe effective meeting facilitation techniques.
  • Apply techniques for effective post-meeting follow up to keep things on track.
Course Details

Course Duration: 3 hours VILT / Equivalent to ½ day of classroom training.

Virtual Class Size: Up to 20 participants.

Delivery Method: Course is available in-person and virtually.

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