Using Data to Drive Decision Making


Course Description

Using data when making decisions seems like an obvious thing to do. However, sometimes when rushed or under pressure, we neglect to utilize the full potential of the data in our decision making. Identifying the right type or kind of data is critical to effective, timely decision making. In this course, participants will discuss examples of data sets that could be used in decision making processes. Participants will come to this course with 1-3 key issues that are affecting their business, industry, or team, and we will discuss and identify the appropriate data that should be considered in understanding the issue(s) and making these key decisions. Key topics covered during this course include understanding the relationship between data and information, the types of data that can inform typical decisions, the importance of qualitative and quantitative data in decision making, and the benefits of using data/information to drive decision making.

Learning Objectives
  • Distinguish between data and information, and how information fuels effective decision making.
  • Recognize the differences in qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Identify data that can inform typical decisions.
  • Identify and employ best practices in using data to drive decision making.
  • Apply various methods to use data in decision making.
Course Details

Course Duration: 3 hours VILT / Equivalent to ½ day of classroom training.

Virtual Class Size: Up to 20 participants.

Delivery Method: Course is available in-person and virtually.

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