Leadership Development

Vantage has more than 20 years of corporate experience in designing, developing, and executing professional leadership development programs for clients. 

Our team is organized for focused delivery of a range of leadership development products and services including the following:

  • Design of Professional Leadership Development Programs
  • Managing and Supporting Professional Leadership Programs
  • Design, Development, and Delivery of Leadership and Management Training Courses
  • Executive Leadership Coaching


  • Design of Professional Leadership Development Programs

    Vantage has significant experience in designing comprehensive leadership development programs. Our capabilities and experience include performing Needs Assessments to determine specific needs, organizing and participating in a collaborative design process with the client, benchmarking relevant internal and external best practices to be incorporated into the design, and developing a complete design in writing, socializing the design throughout the client organization, and finalizing the design with client input. Our design focuses on programs for leaders at all levels and incorporates the four pillars of professional leadership development which include:

    • Instructor-led Training
    • Mentoring and Coaching
    • Self-Directed Learning
    • Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Managing and Supporting Professional Leadership Programs

    Vantage has significant experience managing and supporting professional leadership programs both on-site at client locations and from our off-site locations. We offer turn-key support that includes:

    • Project management
    • Design and development of training courses
    • Training management including scheduling and enrollment
    • Executive leadership coaching
    • Training delivery
    • Maintenance and management of classrooms and course materials
    • Managing special programs such as SESCDP and guest speaker programs
  • Design, Development, and Delivery of Leadership and Management Training Courses

    Since inception, Vantage has developed hundreds of training courses and our trainers have delivered training to more than 150,000 participants. Our team uses the latest instructional design techniques and a collaborative approach between our instructional designers, trainers, and lead project managers to develop courses that exceed client expectations. We are equally adept at designing, developing, and delivering customized leadership and management training courses for specific clients as well as off-the-shelf courses. Click here to see a description of our off-the-shelf courses.

  • Executive Leadership Coaching

    Executive leadership coaching offers leaders the opportunity to focus on personal and professional development in a confidential and collaborative one-on-one environment. Our coaching programs are custom-designed for each client and may include an array of assessment options, face-to-face coaching, or coaching via phone or Skype depending on location. The team of coaches at Vantage is highly qualified in terms of coaching skills, knowledge, and experience. In addition to having specific coach training, our coaches have individual backgrounds in business, organizational development, education, psychology, and counseling.

    All of Vantage’s coaches are certified by organizations recognized by the International Coaching Federation or have experience equal to certification. Because of their formal education, certifications, training, and experience, Vantage coaches have highly developed coaching philosophies that focus on bringing out the best in individuals. Collectively, Vantage coaches have the capability to administer a wide variety of assessment instruments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), FIRO-B, DiSC, OPM Leadership 360, Strong Interest Inventory, and others.

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