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Vantage has the background, education, experience, and capability that make our team an excellent match to deliver training and coaching solutions for employees at all levels of federal agencies and the private sector. Vantage is an industry leader in human capital development for a number of reasons.

Vantage is Committed to Excellence.

Vantage has exceptionally strong training, coaching, and facilitation programs.

Vantage has a proven flexible business model.

Vantage only selects the best trainers suited to meet an agency’s needs.

For the members of the Vantage Team, this is not just a tagline; it is a professional way of life. In all our contract work, we focus on helping clients develop their workforce at a high level. We have worked continuously at client sites over the past several years providing direct support to employees in the form of training, facilitation, executive leadership coaching, counseling, career skills development, and providing a variety of developmental resources to employees such as our current support of leadership development programs at NRC and RDI Marketing as well as past staffing of on-site career assistance centers at the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) and our recently completed comprehensive support to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Career Fellows program. Examples of Vantage’s support to organizational development and improvement include our support contract with the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition to expand their nation-wide program titled: I Can Do It, You Can Do It! or ICDI, a program created to help inspire all Americans, regardless of ability, to be active, eat well, and get healthy.

In addition to the training experience described in the overview above, Vantage has conducted thousands of hours of executive and leadership coaching, career coaching, and career counseling for hundreds of Federal Government managers and staff and facilitated dozens of specialized sessions for a variety of needs within the Federal sector including team building and team development, strategic planning, problem-solving sessions, public meetings, and many others. As a corporation, Vantage has developed well over 1,000 training products and trained more than 150,000 senior executives, managers, and staff within the federal government. Over the past five years alone, we have designed and/or developed more than 50 training courses and delivered more than 1,200 training workshops focused on professional and career development. Additionally, we maintain a current library of 20 commercial, off-the-shelf training courses including Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Team Building/Team Development, and Interpersonal Skills/Communication.

We use our flexible business model, corporate experience, and project management skills to meet client requirements in the areas of leadership development training, communications/interpersonal skills training, management/supervisory training, executive and leadership coaching, career development, human resources support, technical skill development, organizational performance, individual performance, team building, facilitation, and others. Additionally, our business model focuses on using a combination of full-time employees plus a cadre of independent coaches, facilitators, trainers/instructors, and consultants that allows us to build highly competent and well-functioning teams to take on a variety of client challenges.

Vantage works with a large number of highly qualified trainers, each with extensive federal experience. This allows Vantage to choose only the trainers and coaches best suited to a given project. Because Vantage is so selective about choosing trainers and coaches, clients always respond with positive feedback- Vantage has attained the highest rating of “Exceeds Expectations” in all categories for our federal clients through Dun & Bradstreet.

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